Celebrating The Middle Way

Sunday’s I hit the road and bike path, for a weekly long run. Admittedly these past couple of years my long runs have gotten shorter. I’m running about five miles, a far cry from the eight to ten I’d do when training for half marathons. It is a good distance to clear the cobwebs of the week, gain a bit of perspective for the week ahead and to enjoy the sights and sounds of early morning along the route.

In someways this is my church. I feel close to God and the universe out on the road. I see the ever changing topography and wild life. Baby rabbits were in abundance today, along with multiple varieties of birds and waterfowl. The air was filled with the scents of brine, from the bay and the Kickemuit river, wild flowers perfumed the bike path where you could occasionally catch a whiff of breakfast from a nearby home.

I love how I feel when I get into a slogging (I’m a sloth who jogs hence slogging) rhythm. Pushing my body to do what it was built for MOVING. The exercise is a cleansing of my sins; banana muffins, pop chips, almond joy bars, sitting for two hours bingeing Grace and Frankie, or a cooking competition on TV. My mental health improves as well I feel less burdened by ruminating thoughts. With my mind/body refreshed I’m better able to prepare for the week ahead.

I’m often asked how do you stay so fit? First and foremost I make it a priority. What I put into, my mind and body equates to how I feel. Eat poorly and unhealthy feel that way, don’t move or exercise your body and like the Tin Man you’ll seize up. The best advice and you will read this again and again, is moderation. Follow the middle way! You see what happens when we over indulge, you have seen or read what can happen if we restrict our diet or over work out. When anything is out of balance our bodies will be too.

The same advice is true for fill in the blank_____________________.

Take time for self care, start small one change,

All the best,



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