Less is more…

Since the summer of 2019 I’ve been as busy as a one armed paper hanger! I was executrix for two estates one which was very complex. The world shut down, my business was in scary waters, my personal losses were numerous and painful and yes there was a little thing called Covid we all had to navigate.

Slowly things became more manageable. I survived probate hell. My newly adopted cat and my inherited cat (mom’s) were hissing their way through sharing me and my tiny condo. My brother and his wife moved into and bought my mother’s house. The yard sales, dumpsters and junk removal companies are all in the rearview. Lawyers, accountants and debts are paid off. We are back to teaching in person at the karate school where we weathered state inspections, disinfecting anything and everything. Not to mention social distance martial arts.

Two weeks ago we finally had the opportunity to celebrate mom and John’s life. So now What? I have plenty of responsibilities at the school, things I need to get done at home and personal goals to work toward (like getting back to writing). The best way I can describe the way I feel is I just took an off ramp from the highway of hell onto a slow country road. Things seem so slow there aren’t any huge fires (by the way there was one of those in Feb of 21) I digress. Now trying to manage a normal pace, sometimes gives me issues. I’m meditating, practicing yoga, reading, cycling and hopefully soon I will be kayaking. I pray these will help me adapt to a less insane pace.

My real hope is less will be more-having more free time to visit coffee shops, clear out my junk, read fun books, read things that make me think, write things that make us all think. Most importantly just BE.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s taken the off ramp, what are you doing or becoming?



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