Letting Go…

Today I came to the realization that my favorite piece of clothing shouldn’t be worn in public. My Columbia 100% cotton stone colored shorts are full of holes. The holes vary from pinholes to tears. I frantically have been searching for a replacement pair but these must be at least twelve years old. Nothing, zilch, non-existent, all the newer shorts are made of synthetic material that stretch and give when you move. WHY? I want my pants to feel natural I’m tired of everything having to stretch with me – why do we all need to be encased like a sausage? Is this what we’ve come to having expandable clothes for expandable waist lines?

What happened to denim, cotton shirts you had to iron, soft cotton sheets and towels? Remember the tag line “The Fabric Of Our Lives”? I guess cotton like the rotary phone, drive in theaters, tire swings are now relegated to a room in the Smithsonian.

Perhaps I get too attached to objects, looking through old photographs last week I happened upon a photo of me in my all time favorite shirt. I was almost as happy to see it as I was old friends. Now I wonder how wonderful it might have been if I could’ve worn that shirt with my shorts. It is probably for the best they had separate life times I don’t think I could have let them both go at the same time.

I know all this is very silly, but is it? We tend to get attached to things, people, beliefs almost anything in our lives. We have a hard time letting go, but here is a simple experiment; Go run the kitchen tap and try to grab the water, did you get any? If you did it was very little now run the tap, open and cup your hand. I imagine you were able to get more. You see when you let go and open up there is more room to receive .

In the mean time contact me if you know where I can find cotton hiking shorts?



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