Thank You and Recognition

Yesterday I got mail from the State Of Rhode Island-Yes my hands got sweaty! What the heck could this be my anxious mind wondering. Mental check list: taxes paid yes, corporate filing done yes, insurances paid -check. Finally I extract two sheets of paper one is a cover letter from the Secretary of State explaining the second document which is a citation celebrating the 25th anniversary of my incorporation of East Bay Martial Arts. Whew! that was certainly better than a bill!

My initial reaction, after the relief was gratitude. I was thankful for the opportunity to do something I love to do as work. For all those who supported my journey, my late mother, my instructor, all the amazing students who have trained at the school whether it was a week or twenty years it has been an honor to have gotten to know you and your amazing families. To my incredible staff which had many incarnations with the exception of one Adam Oliver. This school would not be the institution it is without his loyalty and dedication to the art and to the students.

I’d like to also thank the students and families who stuck it through the pandemic. Without your support and encouragement we would have been another casualty of small business. There are still many challenges ahead, in fact some are even more daunting-all the pandemic assist has dried up, so even though we got through the storm we are still on life support. Enough of being morose.

I’m looking forward to whatever lies ahead, at 65 the horizon seems a bit closer than it did 25 years ago, but I’m wiser and more centered. I will make the best of today and bask in the reverie of these last 25 years. “Take each day as it comes, Virginia”, my mother would say and that’s what I’m doing-After all nothing is promised…

Take time to shop local, support your local businesses they appreciate you more than you can possibly know.



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