Today I Went for a Walk

Most Monday’s you will find me on the bike path or at Colt State Park walking with a dear friend. Like most things nothing are exactly as they appear. Walking is good exercise, it is great getting out in the fresh air. The scenery and views where we walk are amazing. Yet the greatest benefit from these walks (for me) is making a connection, speaking of what is on the heart, exchanging ideas, fears, hopes and dreams.

Today I was reminiscing on my stepfather and his compulsion to save EVERYTHING! I was telling my friend it was a by product of most of his generation who grew up in the great depression. A fear of not having something or enough of something. I also wondered out loud what will be the scars from this pandemic. I know for sure it has been isolation, those who have anxiety, or physical restrictions. While many are going on where they left off some are still waiting to take their first steps into “normalcy”.

What can we do for those who are fearful or physically can’t be exposed? Kindness is always the answer. Be kind, patient and accepting of what their limitations are. Be patient with people who aren’t attending your event, who take up extra time in grocery lines because they’re still wiping items off. Find something they feel comfortable doing, walking outdoors, dining outdoors, for example if your level of comfort is greater than theirs allow them to choose the activity. Continue to check on your neighbors, help them if they need a hand. Surprise a friend with a gift for their fur babies, like mine did for me.

No matter what act of kindness you preform, you will also receive good vibes. It is the law of giving and receiving #Christmas Spirit! I definitely have a different point of view at 65 than I did at 25. There are potentially less tomorrows to put off to… So be kind today, we have no idea what another human is going through.

I wish you well along with beautiful walks where you can share what’s on your heart,



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