Didn’t Wait For Perfection

Today I went a bike ride. I’m so increadibly blessed to live close by a community bike path. The bike path has spectacular natural views and runs through some beautiful seacoast towns in Rhode Island.

The bike ride in of itself was no revelation but the fact that I decided to venture out despite my inner critic’s voice ” it’s cloudy, you’re leaving too late, it is going to be crowded.” I’m a perfectionist and I have anxiety (this may or may not be news to those who know me). I tend to feel like I need to know all the possibilities of “ANYTHING and EVERYTHING” I attempt to do. In the reactions related to fear; fight, flight or freeze, I’m freeze. So today I decided not to over analyze the weather, potential traffic or all the other crazy scenarios, like the wet sand is going to gum up the bike chain and get my new bike dirty!

The ride was pleasant the cloud cover kept it cool and I was privy to watch the sun part the clouds to reveal an amazing blue sky. The harbor was stunning, and surprisingly quiet. I’m glad I went.

Believe me this wasn’t a spur of the moment thought to go today. It is something I’ve been consciously working on. Turning six-five, suffering so many losses these past years. I don’t want to let life go by me any longer while I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity. I’m sharing this because I’ve come to realize, through listening to others share their story and by doing deep introspection. Also by being willing to work on myself.

It is my hope that someone may read this and they my get on their bike despite, the weather and crowds and learn as I did perfection is over rated – Life is going to go on being imperfect it is up to us to find perfection in the midst of it all.



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