Be Your Own Santa

Today I’m getting back to blogging and sharing an insight of the day. I previously blogged on thoughts from my runs. I want this blog to be more about being present and realizing what is going on in the day, not just the big events, but the day to day minutia -where life actually happens.

My hope is by sharing some of my stories, discoveries and aha moments, it may start you thinking , searching or maybe be inspired.

Today I… is about being present and aware of what is being said or seen, maybe even recognizing a personal foible or two.

Here is a realization I had yesterday I wasn’t going to get his blog done on the 14 year old lap top if I was going to commit to writing and doing it right I needed to spend some money and upgrade. That isn’t always easy for me I’m sometimes a little tight with spending dollars especially on myself. At. 65 years of age I worry (too much) about the cost of my growing older-sometimes to my detriment. Today I bought a MacBook Air. This way I can share and hopefully inspire without losing my mind. Yes Virginia sometimes you need to be your own Santa Clause.


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